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Extreme Honesty

Extreme honesty might come from those of us who are used to living a more independent or self-sufficient lifestyle. Maybe we never had to be “accountable” or “responsible” for anyone before, so we go off dumping out heavy and integrated truths. Maybe we are more avoidantly attached and have learned to defend and use our unfiltered truths as a tool to justify our story that no one will ever “get” or “accept” us. Or maybe it’s simply because we live in a time where radical truth-telling has become the norm. Maybe we haven’t yet discovered a way to deliver our truths with doses of softness and sensitivity. Extreme kindness on the other end can lead to codependent dynamics. Some of us had to cut off from parts of ourselves in order to take care of others. If that was the case, it would make sense that we might give up our voice or our truth in order to stay connected to others. If love was taken away or if we were only seen for “parts” of ourselves, we might then mask or cover up complex a

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