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We don't always know...

This doesn’t mean we won’t or shouldn’t feel hurt.Denying ourselves of that would mean bypassing a profoundly valid and normal human experience.And, the truth that is we won’t always know the full story as to why some people don’t choose us.We can hear the story they tell us, but they may not even fully know why they chose to close the door themselves.We can sometimes find ourselves personalizing endings that actually have nothing to do with us at all.We may have been a terrible attachment pairing.We may have had completely different life visions that the other “just happened” to see more clearly first.Our presence may have been a subtle reminder of something they weren’t ready or willing to deal with.This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do any self-reflection work when someone ends things with us.We absolutely can.We can pay attention to patterns and assess where we are often the common denominator.
We can be willing to learn and refine and implement different behaviors if we tend to p…

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